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Wegman Partners Discusses Ways Attorneys Can Make Their Legal Resume Stand Out

Today, there are more attorneys within the United States than at any other time in our country’s history. According to ABA’s National Lawyer Population Survey, the number of attorneys within the US has increased by 14.5% within the last decade alone. As the legal industry becomes more saturated, recent law graduates must look for new ways to ensure their resume stands out within candidate pools. When it comes to legal recruitment and helping law firms hire experienced attorneys for upcoming lawsuits, Wegman Partners stands out against the competition. Known for hiring experienced attorneys with previous lawsuit experience, Wegman Partners knows what makes a legal resume stand out or get lost in the shuffle. Below, Wegman Partners shares tips to help attorneys improve their resumes during their next job hunt. 

Attach an Excellent Cover Letter and Writing Sample 

There is a reason English is one of the most popular undergraduate degrees for aspiring lawyers. The ability to form a compelling argument is crucial for those looking to enter the legal field, as, without it, lawyers leave room for ambiguity, questions, and confusion and increase the likelihood of a lost case. A cover letter is often an attorney’s first impression and should be organized, without grammatical errors, and showcase the attorney’s ability to structure arguments and persuade audiences. 

Include Past Leadership Roles 

One of the most time-consuming and demanding professions is legal attorney. It often requires individuals to work more than sixty-hour work weeks and remain calm under intense scrutiny and pressure. Past leadership positions allow candidates to showcase their ability to balance major commitments and succeed in difficult circumstances. Oftentimes, firms are looking for candidates who take ownership of projects, are excellent multitaskers, and take pride in going above and beyond in their daily lives. For this reason, Wegman Partners highly encourages attorneys to include relevant leadership experience within their legal resumes. 

Describe Past Experiences in a Way that Identifies Impact 

When writing about previous job positions, it is crucial that individuals do not simply list job responsibilities but try to quantify what impact they made in each position. When recruiting departments and law firms evaluate resumes, interviewers are looking for candidates who have a history of making an impact in their work environment. Candidates must report their experiences in a way that shows what contributions they made to each company they previously worked for.

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