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Job Market Growth in the Legal Sector Expected to Increase Through 2029

According to Wegman Partners lawsuit, employment in the legal field is expected to skyrocket over the next six years, with around 67,600 new jobs to appear in the sector by 2029.

As of May 2020, the average yearly salary for legal work was $84,910, representing just over double the average national wage for all occupations. A range of jobs in the field is anticipated to experience rapid growth over the coming years, giving graduates a new sense of motivation to make a name for themselves.

Legal Employment Growth by Job Role

Legal occupations cover many roles. However, the top four categories expected to display the most growth are as follows:

Court Reporters

In 2020, court reporters earned an average of $61,660 per year, with the job outlooking growing much faster than average occupations (9% by 2029).

Those with a postsecondary nondegree award and zero work experience can claim this position, making it very popular for those looking for a career change.

Mediators and Arbitrators

Experts state that mediator and arbitrator positions are expected to grow by around 8% by 2029, with an average salary of $66,130.

These roles require a bachelor’s degree and some work experience (less than five years in a related field). Generally speaking, retired lawyers and judges become mediators or arbitrators.

Legal Assistants and Paralegals

Paralegals work in a variety of areas in the sector, earning an average salary of $52,920 at last report. Supervised by an attorney, they perform various tasks to support legal proceedings and their assigned lawyer.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegal and related assistant jobs are forecasted to grow by a whopping 10% in the next six years. With that in mind, those hoping to head into the field can expect around 35,300 paralegal/assistant jobs to appear on the market during this period.


Lawyer positions aren’t expected to grow as much as the others explained above. However, analysts still anticipate an expansion of 4% by 2029 — still faster than average.

Lawyers, on average earn roughly $126,930 per year (on average) or roughly $61.03 per hour. Estimations assume another 32,300 jobs will be added to the sector before 2030, including lawyers in private practices, corporations, law firms, and government agencies.

Of course, like compensation is based on various experiences, and may have be determined by location as well.

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The Best Places for Scoring Legal Roles By 2029

Industry insiders believe law firms will continue being the easiest way to enter the legal field, especially for law school graduates.

However, some suggest that looking for positions through government agencies is just as good.

The private sector (e.g., LLCs, corporations, etc.) will remain the hardest (but just as profitable) method for acquiring legal occupations before the calendar hits 2030.

The Anticipated Growth for Legal Occupations Is Huge

The legal job market is expected to grow faster than average by 2029, exhibiting an expansion of around 5%. Thus, those considering attending law school will have a better chance of finding employment following their education.

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Legal Marketing and Industry Trends in 2023

From marriage to work to real estate and beyond, people require lawyers at various stages of their lives. And the industry’s trends are changing, impacting many areas of the law, and, thus, everyone who needs to seek legal advice or assistance. 

Those familiar with the ever-evolving industry, Wegman Partners lawsuit, new technology, the baby boomer generation, and global expansion are the main key drivers influencing the sector’s changes. But there are, of course, many more. 

Technological Advancements

Legal procedures can be incredibly complex, sparking the development of all-new technology to streamline otherwise arduous tasks. Advancements have already impacted all areas of the law, and it’s expected to continue in 2023. 

One of the most prominent is e-discovery. This technology means both sides of the case have the tools needed to make finding case-relevant items easier. This industry is worth over two billion, and analysts expect it to keep increasing this year.

Baby Boomers Keep Impacting the Sector

Baby boomers are retiring in large numbers across the country, affecting all industries, including the legal field. 

The 75 million members of this generation will massively impact lawyers working lives as increased numbers boost demand for retirement planning and asset handling.

On top of that, demand for legal assistance with nursing homes is rampant as adult children want their baby boomer parents to have the best twilight years.  

Worldwide Legal Markets

Globalization will impact lawyers’ decisions as they figure out which legal areas are the most important.

The worldwide law services market has stretched above 5.7 billion, with industry analysts predicting exponential growth throughout the year and beyond.

With that in mind, it’s unsurprising that many firms are seeking ways to expand directly into the market while also searching for ways to harness their share of the global legal sphere.

Experts expect this massive opportunity to continue driving the field’s needs, demand, and planning. 

Outsourcing Processes

Efficiency has been a buzzword in the legal field for years as professionals seek ways to streamline monotonous and time-consuming tasks.

One of the main ways firms are increasing efficiency in 2023 is through legal process outsourcing, wherein the areas of law are broken down to determine where lawyers can reduce expenses. The result? Lowered costs in many law practice areas. 

Thanks to outsourcing, experts expect the industry to experience revenues above 35 billion, with many suggesting it brings new opportunities and labor to the field. 

Billable Hours Limits

Historically, lawyers were expected to bill more than 1950 hours per annum to earn a high salary. But as the country pushes for increased mental health, this number of hours severely impacts the lawyer’s ability to balance life and work.

So, judicial bodies around the USA are looking for ways to reduce the stress induced by the field, even for those new to the roles. 

One of the main proposals currently considered is limiting the number of hours associates require every year. Not only will this affect business practices at smaller firms, but large national corporations too. 

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Getting Stated with a Career in the Legal Field

Starting a career in law can seem insurmountable. But with so many opportunities within a law firm, it’s more achievable than many believe. With options like legal secretaries, paralegals, human resources managers, records clerks, and litigation attorneys, there are a variety of roles to choose from in the legal field.

Wegman Partners explains that every position helps the firm complete its duties — and some of them don’t require late nights and courtroom appearances. Regardless of the role, each one plays an integral part in the success of the practice’s attorneys.

That said, those wanting to practice law should complete the necessary degrees and training requirements before jumping into a firm. Once the criteria is met, hopeful law practitioners can decide which route they want to take.

Below are nine law firm positions that don’t necessarily require a law degree:

Records Clerk

Records clerks work alongside attorneys and paralegals to ensure all files are organized, labeled, and stored correctly. Sometimes, they transport files between firms and other locations, making sure all confidentiality procedures are followed.

Candidates for this position should be detail-orientated and wonderfully organized, multi-tasking individuals to be as helpful as possible to lawyers looking to access files quickly.

Legal Secretary

Legal secretaries work with alongside attorneys to complete their clerical duties. This may involve composing emails, writing letters, calling clients, and retrieving case files and paperwork required by the lawyer they’re supporting.


Paralegals are considered an attorneys’ right-hand man (or woman).

Paralegals they utilize their knowledge of law to help attorneys prepare for hearings, trials, and other meetings.

Often, this involves researching specific state or local laws, summarizing regulations, and creating drafts of legal documents.


While accountants don’t practice law, they use their financial understandings to ensure the law firm is operating at its best monetary ability.

Their duties include balancing budgets, sorting out payroll, and alerting executives of potential overspending.

Staff Attorney

Staff attorneys collaborate with associate attorneys and firm partners to offer legal services and case advice.

While they don’t usually interact with clients, they conduct extensive research to ensure other attorneys perform their duties properly.

As far as practicing law goes, staff attorneys are one of the most integral components of a lawyer’s job.

Human Resource Manager

HR or human resource managers deal with hiring new employees and managing benefits.

On top of that, they aid current employees with concerns or questions about their positions, acting as a third party when resolving workplace issues.

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Associate Attorney

Associate attorneys are lower-level lawyers. They work with the firm’s partners, offering clients legal assistance and helping other firm members (e.g., paralegals) streamline their work.

Senior Associate Attorney

With average earnings over $100,000 per year, senior associate attorneys have equal responsibilities to associates. However, their pay and rank are higher within the firm.

Some senior associates also oversee junior associates’ projects, providing assistance when required.

Litigation Attorney

Litigation attorneys represent the firm’s clients during civil lawsuits.

To do this, they need to thoroughly understand trial law, as well as how to represent defendants and plaintiffs properly.

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Wegman Partners Discusses Ways Attorneys Can Make Their Legal Resume Stand Out

Today, there are more attorneys within the United States than at any other time in our country’s history. According to ABA’s National Lawyer Population Survey, the number of attorneys within the US has increased by 14.5% within the last decade alone. As the legal industry becomes more saturated, recent law graduates must look for new ways to ensure their resume stands out within candidate pools. When it comes to legal recruitment and helping law firms hire experienced attorneys for upcoming lawsuits, Wegman Partners stands out against the competition. Known for hiring experienced attorneys with previous lawsuit experience, Wegman Partners knows what makes a legal resume stand out or get lost in the shuffle. Below, Wegman Partners shares tips to help attorneys improve their resumes during their next job hunt. 

Attach an Excellent Cover Letter and Writing Sample 

There is a reason English is one of the most popular undergraduate degrees for aspiring lawyers. The ability to form a compelling argument is crucial for those looking to enter the legal field, as, without it, lawyers leave room for ambiguity, questions, and confusion and increase the likelihood of a lost case. A cover letter is often an attorney’s first impression and should be organized, without grammatical errors, and showcase the attorney’s ability to structure arguments and persuade audiences. 

Include Past Leadership Roles 

One of the most time-consuming and demanding professions is legal attorney. It often requires individuals to work more than sixty-hour work weeks and remain calm under intense scrutiny and pressure. Past leadership positions allow candidates to showcase their ability to balance major commitments and succeed in difficult circumstances. Oftentimes, firms are looking for candidates who take ownership of projects, are excellent multitaskers, and take pride in going above and beyond in their daily lives. For this reason, Wegman Partners highly encourages attorneys to include relevant leadership experience within their legal resumes. 

Describe Past Experiences in a Way that Identifies Impact 

When writing about previous job positions, it is crucial that individuals do not simply list job responsibilities but try to quantify what impact they made in each position. When recruiting departments and law firms evaluate resumes, interviewers are looking for candidates who have a history of making an impact in their work environment. Candidates must report their experiences in a way that shows what contributions they made to each company they previously worked for.

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Wegman Partners Discusses the Importance of Gender Diversity in Law Office and Lawsuits

Law firms are always looking for new ways to fight workplace imbalances and increase team diversity. While many law firms believe that diversity begins with education, many now believe that the imbalances within the legal field can only end through meaningful action. While women account for 37% of attorneys and women of color 14%, less than 30% of leadership positions are filled by women. For over 100 years, Wegman Partners has helped staff law firms from across the country with qualified and diverse law professionals. When it comes to lawsuits, Wegman Partners recognizes the gender imbalance within the law industry and lawsuit legal representation and hopes to highlight the importance of gender diversity in law offices within this blog. 

Gender Imbalance 

Compared to other industries, the legal field has one the highest gender disparities for women, specifically women of color. While numerous firms in the legal industry continue to improve inclusive practices, very few women achieve leadership positions within their firm, with just 19% making equity partners and 25% executive-leadership positions. As many women are forced to choose between career advancement and their personal lives, a large majority of women decide to leave the law field altogether, creating a prevalent lack of gender diversity in the legal workforce. 

The Importance of Female Representation 

Within a professional setting, gender diversity not only expands the range of expertise and backgrounds in various legal problems, but according to McKinsey, companies that have more gender diversity are 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability. Additionally, in the legal profession, diversity serves a greater purpose of providing credibility to the concept that the legal system is fair and without bias – that all voices are represented and given the same level of respect. It is essential that law firms demonstrate this value to their clients through hiring practices and diverse representation in leadership positions. 

How Law Firms Can Attract More Female Talent 

All law firms aspire to build successful, thriving organizations that attract and retain talented individuals of all demographics and backgrounds. In order to best attract and retain a diverse staff, law offices must recognize the most common reasons female staff members leave their positions. According to a recent survey of 400 U.S. lawyers, Some of the most common reasons women listed for leaving their jobs were: wanting to spend more time with family (18.3 %), toxic work culture (18.3%), high job demands (17.6%), lack of flexibility regarding hours (9.6%), the job was too stressful (7.3%), work was not meaningful (4.7%), and felt disrespected (4%).

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Wegman Partners Reviews COVID-19’s Impact on the Law Industry

No industry has been unaffected by the COVID-19 virus. With a severe downturn in the US economy, numerous businesses have reluctantly laid off many valued employees within the past eight months. To this end, the law industry is no exception, and in March, many US law-firms had to reduce staff, postpone programs, and ask partners to take a reduction in pay. Colby Wegman and the staff at Wegman Partners has been there, every step of the way, to help their large client base find new employment in other thriving law firms. Wegman Partner’s lawsuit attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals are known internationally and throughout the east coast for their professionalism and result-based work performance. Now that the economy has shown signs of recovery, many firms are taking measures to hire both old and new staff members to fill empty positions. While the full extent of COVID-19’s effect on the law industry is still unknown, Wegman Partners will review the major industry events that have taken place as a result of the pandemic.  

Temporary Halt in Residential Evictions

Perhaps one of the most publicized and controversial events in the law industry during COVID-19 was the moratorium on evictions. During the first few months of COVID, many cities and states put a temporary halt on evictions to protect renters from homelessness and viral infection during the pandemic. There was, however, much confusion and contention following the announcement as many renters were served complaints for unpaid rent and given court date summons. While evictions have been halted until January 2020, landlords can still sue renters for unpaid rent. Many real – estate lawyers and their clients have since had to navigate the court system’s new implementation of virtual court sessions.

Virtual Court Proceedings

As with many other professions, remote connections have become popular in the legal industry as a way to continue to perform necessary judicial hearings while keeping employees and clients safe. However, many attorneys have found the change to virtual proceedings challenging and often frustrating. Dropped connections, hurried arguments, and interruptions have been some of the day-to-day challenges attorneys have faced since March. However, recent articles have pointed to the possibility of these changes becoming permanent, much to legal professionals’ chagrin.

Lawsuits against Universities

During April and the start of many universities’ spring semester, twenty-six US colleges were sued for tuition reimbursement. Although many universities switched to remote learning for their spring semester, some colleges such as Drexel University and another 25 universities continued to charge students for on-campus housing, extra-curricular activities, and unused campus facilities. The court date for Drexel University is still unknown; however, a hearing of this nature will set a precedent for other universities’ tuition pricing models during COVID-19.

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Wegman Partners Works Diligently to Help Legal Professionals Land Career Changes

Wegman Partners

It’s a mistake to count on well-deserved promotions alone to further one’s career. Without proactive efforts, it’s entirely possible for new job opportunities to slip by unnoticed. Executives, attorneys and legal support staff who are looking for the next step in their career should thus consider Wegman Partners for assistance. As a company that’s capable of identifying the perfect candidate for attorney, non-attorney and support staff roles, working with Colby Wegman and Wegman Partners can prove to be life-changing.

Below, we will offer additional information on how those in the legal profession can understand the Wegman Partners lawsuit in the wake of COVID-19 and begin making their own legal filings at firms they’ve always wanted to work for.

From an employment perspective, the ongoing health crisis actually presents some opportunities. Millions of Americans have found themselves out of work or under-employed and are ready to make a change. The American Lawyer/ has the proof that the coronavirus has truly changed the playing field. This June 2020 article explores “what the coronavirus crisis has meant across the industry — from managing partners and practice group leaders to midlevel associates and business professionals — and how it will change those roles going forward.” Those in the legal profession can join in the momentum and start looking for law firms that are a better fit. Whether you want a change in scenery, commute times or different co-workers,  Wegman Partners will research the options on your behalf. What’s more, professionals like Colby Wegman of Wegman Partners contributes to the five-plus decades of placement experience so the services that job-seekers will receive are tried and true.

The hold that COVID-19 put on court proceedings across municipal, state and federal court systems is only increasing demand from clients. Law firms want to take action immediately; they need professionals from Wegman Partners to file a lawsuit or manage cases while demand is still high. Even non-criminal immigration cases, where people living in the U.S. are looking to go through the naturalization ceremony that makes them citizens, are getting backed up. The Connecticut Mirror reports 700,000 individuals nationwide had pending cases as of March 2020. To meet the need, part of the solution could entail meaningful career changes for those job-hunting with the help of Wegman Partners’ services. This can range from law firm legal support staff looking to clear that backlog of cases to skilled attorneys who will passionately represent clients.