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Wegman Partners Discusses the Importance of Gender Diversity in Law Office and Lawsuits

Law firms are always looking for new ways to fight workplace imbalances and increase team diversity. While many law firms believe that diversity begins with education, many now believe that the imbalances within the legal field can only end through meaningful action. While women account for 37% of attorneys and women of color 14%, less than 30% of leadership positions are filled by women. For over 100 years, Wegman Partners has helped staff law firms from across the country with qualified and diverse law professionals. When it comes to lawsuits, Wegman Partners recognizes the gender imbalance within the law industry and lawsuit legal representation and hopes to highlight the importance of gender diversity in law offices within this blog. 

Gender Imbalance 

Compared to other industries, the legal field has one the highest gender disparities for women, specifically women of color. While numerous firms in the legal industry continue to improve inclusive practices, very few women achieve leadership positions within their firm, with just 19% making equity partners and 25% executive-leadership positions. As many women are forced to choose between career advancement and their personal lives, a large majority of women decide to leave the law field altogether, creating a prevalent lack of gender diversity in the legal workforce. 

The Importance of Female Representation 

Within a professional setting, gender diversity not only expands the range of expertise and backgrounds in various legal problems, but according to McKinsey, companies that have more gender diversity are 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability. Additionally, in the legal profession, diversity serves a greater purpose of providing credibility to the concept that the legal system is fair and without bias – that all voices are represented and given the same level of respect. It is essential that law firms demonstrate this value to their clients through hiring practices and diverse representation in leadership positions. 

How Law Firms Can Attract More Female Talent 

All law firms aspire to build successful, thriving organizations that attract and retain talented individuals of all demographics and backgrounds. In order to best attract and retain a diverse staff, law offices must recognize the most common reasons female staff members leave their positions. According to a recent survey of 400 U.S. lawyers, Some of the most common reasons women listed for leaving their jobs were: wanting to spend more time with family (18.3 %), toxic work culture (18.3%), high job demands (17.6%), lack of flexibility regarding hours (9.6%), the job was too stressful (7.3%), work was not meaningful (4.7%), and felt disrespected (4%).